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Guest Photographer feature:
“Discover New York through Sam Rohn's Eyes.”

"New York is a little bit of everywhere else mixed together, 360° panoramas are the best way to feel the city all around you, which a single image cant always convey."


Sam RohnSam Rohn was born and raised in NYC and works as a location scout for movies, episodic TV, music videos, commercial photography, television commercial and so on, with a list which is quite impressive and comprises locations for movies such as Meet Joe Black, Men in Black and King Kong; collaborations with photographers like Mert & Marcus, David Lachapelle, Annie Liebowitz and Art Strieber (to name but a few); and scouting for companies as Apple, Amex, Price Waterhouse Coopers, BMW, Nike and Coca Cola. A panographer since 1998, Sam has shot panos professionaliy for pre-viz & final effects on Peter Jackson's King Kong, as well as Conde Nast's brides.com, local businesses and IKEA.

» More about Sam can be found at: SamRohn.com and NYLocations.com

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